I use this journal to share my first drafts, notes and ideas with a very small and select group of close friends and family. All posts will always be private. If you have been given the password, please do not share it with anyone without asking me first, not even mutual friends and family, and please do not show the contents to anyone.

Friends and family:

You are the first people to read any of the stuff I’ve written in the past 15 years. I’m at a point where I want to begin sharing my first drafts. Primarily, I need some encouragement to keep me going, in the form of feedback and simply knowing someone is reading and maybe looking forward to knowing what happens next. While my rule when writing is to write what I would like to read myself, these stories are technically aimed toward a younger audience, so if you find them boring, please don’t feel pressured to send feedback or critique. And just because you tell me your thoughts on one chapter, it doesn’t mean I will expect you to continue doing so in the future.

Thoughts and feedback:

If a post is tagged “first draft”: 

  • I’m not looking for grammar or sentence structure advice yet.
  • At this stage, positive encouragement is what most helps me to finish the draft. So tell me what you like about it and why.
  • There may be plot holes at this stage. I probably know them already, since my purpose is to just get the first draft on the page, however, if you spot any, feel free to point them out. You never know!

If a post is tagged “second/third/etc draft”:

  • Please give me all the grammar and sentence structure advice you want. Now is the time I need and want it.
  • Feel free to nitpick. Is something boring? Too much telling and not enough showing? Do you feel a character doesn’t add to the plot? This is my rewriting stage so I will be much more open to serious critique.

Please feel free to leave your feedback in comments, or contact me via Facebook or email if you prefer to do so privately.


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